Veterinary Surgery in Loveland, OH

Our team at Loveland Regional Animal Hospital can provide various soft-tissue surgeries to treat injuries, tumors, and other conditions. We also perform routine spay and neuter procedures for dogs and cats. As part of our commitment to providing the best care to you and your pet, we adhere to strict safety and pain management guidelines for every surgery. We understand that you may be concerned about your pet’s condition while they are under anesthesia. Our veterinarians and technicians work closely together to minimize risks by taking necessary precautions and monitoring our patients for the whole duration of their procedure.

We are Dedicated to Risk Reduction for Every Pet Surgery

While anesthesia is safer than ever for pets, our hospital still goes the extra mile to ensure all risks are kept to a minimum. We understand that all pets are different, and may have underlying conditions that could lead to complications during their surgery. Therefore, we require all our patients to have a pre-anesthetic physical examination and blood testing before going into their procedure. This allows us to evaluate the patient’s overall condition and check for abnormal blood cell counts, decreased organ function, and other issues that could increase risk.

Additional precautions we take to ensure a safe, comfortable surgery for your pet include:

  • Having your pet fast the night before and morning of their surgery to prevent aspiration during the procedure
  • Placement of an IV catheter to administer fluids for hydration and blood pressure support
  • Constant monitoring by our technicians and high-end monitoring equipment

Veterinary Surgeries We Provide in Loveland, OH

Our highly experienced doctors can perform various soft-tissue surgeries, including:

Spaying and neutering

Tumor/mass removals

Laceration repairs

Foreign body removals

Bladder surgery

Eye and ear surgeries

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