Pain Management for Dogs & Cats in Loveland, OH

No one likes to see their pet in pain. Just like people, pets can experience pain or discomfort due to an injury, surgery, or chronic condition. The goal of our pain management technique at Loveland Regional Animal Hospital is to manage your pet’s pain so they can live as comfortably as possible.

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Signs of Pain or Discomfort in Pets

  • Hiding
  • Being unusually quiet or unresponsive
  • Noises of distress (whining, whimpering, howling or continuous meowing)
  • Acting out of character (submissively or aggressively)
  • Appearing restless or unable to get comfortable
  • Shaking
  • Biting
  • Ears flattened against the head
  • Lethargic or reluctant to move
  • Looking for more attention than normal
  • Difficulty eating or sleeping
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What Type of Pain Can My Pet Experience?

The two main types of pain we see in pets are acute and chronic pain. Our team is here to help you recognize the symptoms of pain so we can readily provide safe, effective pain management  to help improve your pet’s quality of life.

Acute Pain

Acute pain occurs as a result of an injury, surgery, inflammation or infection. It develops more suddenly and may limit your pet’s mobility. Fortunately, acute pain is usually temporary, resolving when the condition that triggers the pain is treated.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is more difficult to deal with, as it may develop slowly and persist over an extended period of time. It’s common to see chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and intervertebral disc disease, and illnesses including cancer or bone disease. In addition, pets may build a tolerance to chronic pain as it gradually develops over time, making it more challenging to diagnose and treat.

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