Microchipping Services in Loveland, OH

Did you know one of every three pets will go missing in their lifetime? Microchipping is the best way to permanently connect your pet back to you. Loveland Regional Animal Hospital strongly recommends having your pet microchipped to increase their chances of being returned to you in case they are ever lost or stolen. The procedure is quick, painless, and can be done during a routine appointment at our hospital.

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Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

We provide microchipping services to help increase the likelihood of your dog or cat being returned to you if you are ever separated. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 52% of dogs and 39% of cats are returned to their owners due to their microchip. This also helps reduce the homeless pet population in our area and provides you with peace of mind that your pet is permanently linked to you!

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Tips to Prevent Lost Pets

We know you love taking your pet on adventures. The only single drawback of having your pet join you is the possibility of them running away or getting loose. Sometimes being outside can bring a whole new set of emotions to your pet. The excitement of new smells and their curiosity can sometimes get the best of them. But not to worry, we gathered a few tips to ease any worry that you may have to help keep your pets safe.

Proper Identification

All pets should have a clear, easy to read tag attached to their collar with their name, your contact information, and proof of vaccination. This can help whoever finds your pet keep them calm, and assures them your dog or cat is safe to pet. Microchipping your pet is also a great way to identify your pet in case they get lost. This is a simple procedure that involves a microchip the size of a grain of rice inserted between your pet’s shoulder blades. This chip securely stores your information and allows a veterinary hospital or animal shelter to easily contact you if someone brings in your pet.

Fitted Collars and Secure Leashes

Another important consideration is ensuring your pet’s leash and collar fit them properly. If a collar is too loose, your pet can easily slip away from you and become lost. If your pet has a well-fitted collar, you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. Depending on the size of your pet, you should also consider the width and strength of your pet’s collar and leash.

Appropriate Training

If you plan to bring your pet along for any kind of outing, they should receive proper training to listen to a command, regardless of the situation around them. This is trickier to accomplish, but with practice and dedication, appropriate training can be very helpful in a variety of situations.


If the unthinkable does happen and your pet manages to wander away, your best bet will be to spread the word. Try using Facebook groups or message boards with a message including your pet’s picture. If more people are looking, the better chances of finding your companion.

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